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Moneyball's Billy Bean

The Rise and Rise in the Importance of Data

Like Moneyball’s use of data changed the way we look at sports performance so to has CRM in business. Clubs, teams, leagues, events and governing bodies are all using data to make informed decisions, support fan engagement strategies, increase participation and most importantly, generate more revenue.

This drive in the use of

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Revenue from data


A rightsholder client recently asked us how they could negotiate a sponsorship deal with a potential client who wanted to include a VIK (Value in kind) element for access to/use of his customer database.

I also had a conversation last year with a gentleman involved in the sale and purchase of

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The Future of Sports Broadcasting

This Future of Sorts Broadcasting post was written for the Institute of Sport and reproduced here with their permission.

I first talked about this subject at a recent sports conference where “digital disruption” was the keyword so I decided to put pen to paper on the subject for my contribution to iSport. This

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Automated campaigns you ought to be using!

One day robots are going to rule the world!! Okay, probably not (hopefully not?) but technology these days is getting more and more advanced, with IBM’s Watson and Google’s DeepMind making real leaps towards true artificial intelligence – next thing you know there’s going to be a robot uprising! But let’s

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New York Times - UFC Sells Itself


If you haven’t yet read the news in the NY Times this morning that the UFC has reportedly “sold itself” for USD $4 billion to the behemoth WME-IMG, then let me summarise it for you. The Fertitta brothers have provided a textbook case study of how sports rights holders can multiply

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How can CRM help rights holders recover from poor on-pitch performance?

We all know the shock result from the EURO’s (I won’t repeat it because it’s still too raw), and the sports industry is full of examples through history where huge teams have been beaten by minnows. Think Barnsley winning 2-1 versus Liverpool in the ‘08 FA Cup 5th Round, or

IoT CRM Evolution

CRM Evolution – My #Sportsbiz Revelation

Fresh back from a trans-Atlantic flight to attend CRM Evolution, I again muse at the dashing of my pre-conceived ideas. Don’t you love it when that happens? When you think you know something, and then you find out you couldn’t have been more wrong?

My big revelation was that the sports

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SEAT London 2016 – a boat-load of learning!

If you weren’t at SEAT London 2016 that took place last week at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge then you seriously missed out! You didn’t just miss out on the impressive location, ample networking opportunities, great food and inspirational panellists, but on the VIP treatment each guest received – including a

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Missing the (bench)mark in email marketing

As CRM and BI consultants we love looking at data, especially when it comes to producing analysis for our clients. When deploying and optimising email campaigns, we look at typical industry metrics like open rate, click through rate, deliverability, bounces and unsubscribes. These all have a common industry benchmark, and are key

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email marketing

6 Key Points for Email Marketers

When I first I moved from selling and leveraging sponsorship, merchandise and TV rights to applying the principles of CRM and BI to the sports industry, I met lots of experts who told me email marketing was dead – usually they were social media mavericks who would claim ‘all hail

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