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Our services are based on a pro-active approach to helping our clients solve problems, find solutions, and uncover opportunities. We future-proof our work by ensuring what we do supports the ongoing progress of our clients – but at a pace that suits them. Our services are bespoke, but delivered through established frameworks and processes that minimise cost and maximise output.

Services Winners FDD

Starting with an analysis of the current state and the prioritisation of your business’ objectives, we identify quick wins and long-term strategies to support the growth of your business. We then guide you through the implementation path offering the level of support that best fits your needs, either as a fully managed service or consultancy guidance.

The usual steps we go through are:

A Discovery Workshop.
The foundation that will provide insight into your business: we focus on your people, processes, and systems.

Current state assessment.
A full review of your business’ readiness to implement a data strategy.

Data review.
The production of a data flow diagram, database schemas, and data dictionaries that provide the foundational documentation for the creation of a strategy.

Data management roadmap.
The necessary initiatives needed to move you from your current state to you desired future state.

Services Winners FDD

Our approach to creating your data management strategy is to consider the following areas:

1) The data that’s needed to achieve business objectives.

2) The source of the relevant data points.

3) The accuracy of the data. 

4) How the data can be accessed and used by the business. 

5) KPIs and metrics so success can be measured. 

6) The rules and processes that will collectively make up your data governance.

We document your data management strategy in an easy-to-use format and highlight the quick wins that are identified as a natural outcome of our process.

Services Winners FDD

We provide support to help your organisation to become a “data-driven company” or to progress you through your digital transformation. We offer support at all levels: from the construction and deployment of campaigns aligned with your brand image and objectives, through reporting on the most relevant KPIs geared toward the adoption of a workflow of continuous improvement, up to business change frameworks and target operating models.

Services Winners FDD

If you’re looking to expand your tech stack, we can assist with finding the most appropriate solution for your business, either with light-tech ad-hoc builds or by running a comprehensive RFP from the analysis of requirements to assisting with the implementation.

We provide support to help you assess your current technology stack to identify potential improvements as well as partnering with you on an RFP project to select the right platform to suit your needs. Our expertise allows us to provide additional “light-tech” support in case you need help starting or progressing your “data-driven” journey

Services Winners FDD

We use Tableau as our data visualisation product of choice but are equally skilled with PowerBI. When producing dashboards we start with your objectives and the actionable insights that will support them.

Once we know the insights you’re looking for we need to secure that data and then design the dashboards.

We use three approaches to dashboard production:

1) Detailed brief
Clients who have experience with dashboards provide us with a specific and detailed brief, listing all the key points they’d like to see in each dashboard.

2) No brief
Clients who are new to dashboards provide us with the key insights they’re looking for and we produce them based on our interpretation of the data.

3) Hybrid
Clients who know what they want to achieve but are keen to see an alternative approach will provide us with a brief that can be further interpreted by Winners and our knowledge of data visualisation.

We can host and maintain dashboards in our own environment or build them in our clients eco-systems. 

Services Winners FDD

Our approach to landing pages is data-driven: we design and build based on our client’s data management strategy to ensure we collect data in the right format and with the right prioritisation.

We can integrate the data flow with your target destination and provide either system emails triggered from the form database or your campaign platform.

Services Winners FDD

Building on our approach to landing page development, we can provide you with a simple to use and cost-effective competition portal that will provide an ongoing data collection and engagement opportunity.

The self-serve portal can be used by any team member – no coding or technical knowledge is needed with updates and amends achieved through a simple edit process for text and upload function for images.

Services Winners FDD
  • Planning, design, and delivery of a comprehensive email schedule, including data management, email builds and sends, segmentation, testing, and reporting. 
  • Design of email templates, either using drag and drop or HTML, which will be optimised for different platforms and devices and designed with best practice in mind to help generate high engagement levels and conversion rates.
  • Set-up of automations including birthday emails, customer onboarding, abandoned carts, re-engagement and win-back campaigns.
  • Training sessions, either one-on-one or in groups, to go from the basics to the advanced, the theoretical to the practical, on your chosen platform.
Services Winners FDD

Depending on an available data and your business objectives, we can run any form of analysis and modelling: timeseries, cluster, RFV, propensity, customer location and more in order to find you those actionable insights.

Services Winners FDD

Replicating email marketing tactics but across multiple channels using different platforms for different customers based on their behaviour.

Services Winners FDD

We offer our 30+ years’ experience in the sports industry to rights owners to teach them how to use data to do their job better while also upskilling/reskilling professionals to fill any “data skills” gaps to aid their personal development. We have designed an elearning course and a book that demonstrate our commitment to helping the industry develop.