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The SINGLE CUSTOMER VIEW (SCV) – It’s Not That Complicated

“Experts” have a habit of making things sound more complicated than they are – this allows their expertise to appear even more valuable than it actually is. So let me dispel a myth that seems to be perpetuated by the CRM industry – achieving the holy grail of CRM, the

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BEWARE: Data For Data’s Sake

We love this cartoon, produced for us by marketing cartoonist Tom Fishburne (and if you aren’t already a subscriber we highly recommend you sign up to receive his latest designs) – we even use it in our CRM workshops as it visually demonstrates our stance on data: yes data is

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CRM: a Rose by any other Name

One of my frustrations working to develop the use of CRM in the sports industry is the reaction using these three little letters can cause. Depending on whom I’m talking to and their role within the organisation, they’ll either recoil in memory at some past CRM experience that cost them

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Don’t think NOW, think FUTURE – think CRM

In a world where we tend to get blind-sided with our focus on selling tickets, it was great to meet a group of sports executives who correctly identified CRM as a catalyst for the future.

MESGO is an executive master’s degree in sports governance, supported by academic partners including Birkbeck London

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