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#Sportsbiz will power Disruptive Technologies in CRM

How much data is too much?

How do I get all my data in one place?

How do I get the rest of the company to buy-in to what we’re doing?

How do I integrate my customer’s social profiles with my CRM records?

Just a few of the many questions posed at CRM Evolution

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Improve your Sports CRM results with three simple mind games!

You know great sports CRM isn’t just about email – in fact there’s a whole raft of things that formulate a

great customer experience which I’ll write about in time on the Winners website

But the fact is while sending emails may have become a little less sexy in our social, push technology

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SEAT 2015 – Here’s what you missed….

Actually that’s a misleading title – there’s no way I could personally tell you what you missed because with 35 individual events each of the two days, I didn’t get close to seeing half of it!

From the networking events (always with copious food….sometimes with cocktails and beer!) to the behind-the-scenes

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This article was written for FUTURESPORT where it first appeared on 25 June 2015.

Data has always had a role in sports – Opta, ProZone, Hawk-Eye, et al, have been providing performance analysts with data for many years, and when Brad Pitt burst onto our scenes in 2011 as Billy Beane, we

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Stadiums: the question isn’t Wi-Fi, it’s WHEN-FI?!

Nothing beats the roar of the crowd on match days. Years from now, it will be the noise from the stadium and the buzz you felt when that crucial goal went in that you’ll remember, turning to your friends or family in celebration. These days, that moment now includes reaching



Ticket-Buying Timeline – Why you Need to see Yours!

Lots of people talk about the ticketing demand curve – a graph showing how the demand for your tickets will vary with changes in their price – but how many venues or sports organisations also look at their ticket-buying timeline, a graph showing when tickets are purchased in proximity to

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Social Media Marketing is Not CRM! We call it the “So What” factor…..

Daniel Mclaren (@danielmclaren) of the UK Sports Network has asked us to speak at several of his digital networking and knowledge share events over the last 4 years but we’ve never managed to synchronise our schedules. Plus, in truth, we’ve always worried that his audience of digital marketers would be

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What Does The Customer Life Cycle Look Like For Sports Fans?

OK so maybe when reading this you’ll think everyone at Winners is a data geek but we don’t mind admitting that one of our favourite discussions is the customer life cycle and what it looks like for a sports fan.

Case in point, Callum, our Data and Research Assistant, has been

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Six reasons why we need CRM in Sports

We all know that the use of CRM as a business practise has been around for years – and if you have a bank account, an insurance policy, a mobile phone or you’re an Amazon customer, there will be CRM practitioners out there who know more about you than your

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The Sports Industry: Top of the Email Marketing League?

The sports industry really leads the way when it comes to some of our off-the-field activities: we’ve been supporting our communities for years (before CSR ever became a watchword), 70% of all sponsorship budgets are spent on sport, and regardless of which member of the Royal family gets married, it’s

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