Winners is a technology-neutral provider of services that help sports rights owners increase revenue, participation and engagement.
And we make it easy for you to do so.

About Winners

  • What we do

    We help you get the right message to the right person at the right time.

    We help you treat different customers differently.

    We solve your challenges and find your opportunities.

  • Why we do it

    We love sports. And we love data. Bringing the two together enables us to help our clients put their fans and customers at the centre of their organisation.

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  • How we do it

    Consultancy – providing guidance and support that will progress your success at a pace that suits you.

    Managed services – working on your behalf as a member of your team.

    Ad-hoc projects – helping out where and when you need it most, to solve a timing or resource issues, to get you a fast-start or to provide a service that's needed on an as-and-when basis.

    Light tech builds – products and services that support the customer journey with a focus on data collection, data visualisation and data integrations.

  • What you can expect

    Transparency – we aren't possessive or secretive. We provide our clients with the freedom to move away from us: they work with us because they want to, not because they're locked in to using us.

    We're pro-active not reactive, we're not yes-men and we're prepared to push our clients and ourselves to achieve great results.

    Our culture is built on a foundation of knowledge share and we strive to demonstrate industry thought leadership.

  • What to do next

    Get in touch.

    Ask us some questions.

    Set us a task.

    Challenge us to solve your problems and find your opportunities.

Our Services


- A League launched a new division with a centralised data environment across all the clubs: we provided strategy, process, and tech guidance.

- A professional sports club has a very advanced CRM environment but was struggling to get one particular business area to buy into it. A workshop where the individuals provided all the answers helped with their appreciation for the difference data could make.

- A League needed to know if their analytics software was appropriate for their requirements: we ran a workshop that not only answered this, but helped the client understand a lot more about his team, his technology stack and the processes they were using.

Managed services

- We have a number of rights owners that are still at a relatively early stage in their adoption of a data-driven approach to business: they're using email marketing and collecting data but they can't yet justify full time internal head count. We provide these services on a retained basis and progress their development at a pace that's right for them - our ultimate objective is to help them secure internal staff to manage these processes so we can continue to progress them in other areas.

We focus on helping these clients collect, store, maintain and use data, building, sending and reporting on marketing campaign activity, while introducing processes that can be easily adopted by their team members.

Light tech builds

- Many clients use us to build landing pages for competitions/promotions because our approach is to understand the back-end data flow, the format of the destination database and the trigger for a customer journey. Most web developers just build forms.

- We're building minor tech stacks for clients that need greater functionality but aren't yet ready, or don't have the business need, to buy an off-the-shelf solution.

Ad-hoc projects

- A client needed us to merge all their databases as they don't yet have a Single Customer View, run some analysis, and produce a dashboard that will provide them with stats and insights that will help sell sponsorships, identify high value fans, and support decision-making in their ticket sales campaigns.

- A client is using email marketing as well as Facebook advertising but they do both in a silo: they're not quite ready for multi/cross channel marketing but we're taking them through some basic steps to ensure their Facebook ad spend is optimised based on the way their email recipients respond to campaigns.

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