Using data to help sports rights owners increase Revenue, Participation & Engagement

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We love sports. We love data.

Bringing the two together enables us to help our clients put their fans and customers at the centre of their organisation.

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The Perfect Circle

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Applying the Perfect Circle 

One of the biggest challenges in our work is the misconception that software’s a magic bullet – that if you buy a “CRM system” your problems will be over. This isn’t true and if you focus solely on software, you’ll end up with a costly IT project. One that doesn’t deliver.

Our approach is based on the Perfect Circle – five elements that must work together:

  1. Strategy
  2. Data
  3. Technology
  4. Process
  5. Culture

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Using CRM and Analytics in the Business of Sports

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Do you know how to apply data to the business needs of the sports industry?

Videos with transcripts, quick quizzes, and exercises, plus 1-2-1 calls WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM!

Analytics, data-driven marketing, data visualisation, sponsorship, data legislation, business change –EVERYTHING YOU NEED to kick-start or fast-track your career in the business of sports.

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“[Sports] properties should be investing 80% in professionals capable of understanding the data and 20% in software and technology to extract it.

Data is everywhere. What is very scarce is professionals capable of analysing it.”

Oscar Ugaz, Digital Business Manager, Real Madrid CF in Winning With Data –CRM and Analysis for Business of Sports
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