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Hi, I'm Fiona Green, author of the best selling book "Winning with Data: CRM and Analytics for the Business of Sports", and I'd like to introduce you to Winning with Data our eLearning course based on the same subject.

In this course I will help you understand how to apply the principles of CRM and analytics to the business of sports and ensure you can discuss the subject of data with confidence.

You will get to try some market leading software and apply real world use cases to bring the course to life.

You will finish this course work-ready.

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Winning with

Using CRM and Analytics in the Business of Sports


This course will provide you with the foundational knowledge and tools to apply data-driven thinking to fan engagement and decision-making that will help any sports rights owner increase revenue, engagement, and participation.

We will look at key principles such as CRM and data strategy, different forms of analysis, email marketing and cross channel marketing automation, and the technologies needed to deliver this.

We’ll also take a look at the relevant data legislation, focusing on GDPR, and will consider the implications of what we call “business change”: the transformation that has to take place for a rights owner to emulate businesses such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify, who put data and customers/fans at the heart of their thinking.


You should take this course if you are:
A student on a sports management, marketing, or business course and don’t have data-specific modules in the curriculum.
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This course will provide you with that increased KNOWLEDGE.
Currently working for a rights owner and would like to expand your knowledge.
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Whatever your current role, this course will teach you how to use data to DO YOUR JOB BETTER!
A specialist within a specific field such as data analytics, data-driven marketing, data law, or IT.
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This course will help you understand how your role impacts everyone else’s and, most importantly, the differences you can make to ensuring overall SUCCESS.
A senior manager who worked your way to the top before data become as important as it is now.
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This course will enable you to talk about data with your peers and team members - even though you’ll rely on others to do the work, you’ll understand exactly WHAT they’re doing and HOW they’re doing it.
Operating in a data-environment but keen to get a job in sports.
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This course will help you understand what’s important to sports rights owners and how you can apply your skills to SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS AND IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES.

I love the way Fiona talks about CRM and data – she’s the only person I know who can take a really complicated subject and make it easy for me to understand. She doesn’t try to blind me with technical words or industry buzzwords – she uses simple language and makes it relevant for what we’re trying to achieve at Roma.

Paul Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer, AS Roma

Welcome to Winning with Data!

This is the only online course that will teach you how to use data-driven marketing and decision-making for the unique challenges and opportunities in the business of sports.

This course will show you how to:

  • Increase revenue from tickets and merchandise sales, sponsorship, and media rights.
  • Increase engagement with your content and your promotions.
  • Increase participation in your sport, from your athletes, coaches, referees, and volunteers.

You’ll watch me discussing this and much more on video, you can download the transcripts as well as listening, and I’ll be checking your knowledge along the way with our quick quizzes. At the end of each module you’ll then complete an exercise with either me, Rachel, Andrea, or Eugene, which you’ll submit to us for checking. Some of these exercises will introduce you to market leading software, Tableau and SALESmanago.

Along the way you can schedule a one-on-one video call with any of the course tutors, use the online chat function, and join or start a discussion in the forum.

I plan to help you as much as I can as you take this course – and my team will be right at my side to provide additional support.

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Course Content

Module 1 - Principles of CRM
Through this module I teach you the key principles that will guide you through your career in data – I look at a definition of CRM that can be applied to any form of data-driven digital marketing, discuss the necessary elements you need to consider, including the use of a single customer view or data warehouse to store your fan/customer records. I introduce you to customer personas and the customer journey, before giving you a light introduction to the CRM technology stack.
Module 2 - The Importance of Data
I start this module with an introduction to a data management strategy, before taking you through key types of data. I also discuss different data sources moving on to looking at data accuracy; a key section when it comes to the use of data. In this module I talk about the different types of analysis you can use that will provide the KPIs and metrics to measure business success, and end with an exercise on data standardisation along with a bonus exercise using more complex excel formulas.
Module 3 - The CRM Ecosystem
This module is a deep dive into the different types of software you need to implement CRM or consider digital transformation. I look at different methods of data warehousing and introduce you to master data management. These sections are followed by a look at different digital marketing platforms and a discussion around data analysis. The last section in this module looks at data visualisation, then Eugene introduces you to Tableau which you’ll use to complete the exercise.
Module 4 - Data-Driven Marketing
This module takes a close look at the processes we use across our different data-driven marketing channels. I start the module by summarising some key considerations, but then we look at the platforms available to us, including retargeting through paid digital advertising. From there, I look at some best practice techniques such as testing and Next-Best-Action planning. Rachel takes you through an email marketing exercise, then Andrea talks you through a more advanced exercise around marketing automation.
Module 5 - CRM & Data In Sponsorship
This is my personal favourite because I spent most of my sports career selling sponsorships and partnerships. In this module, I discuss the way you can improve your sales process and present leverage opportunities you can offer your sponsors and partners. I then share Winners’ framework, “Changing the Sponsorship Dialogue”, for getting higher fees; and end the module by looking at what your sponsors could do to support your CRM strategy – you don’t want to miss it!
Module 6 - Business Change
Our penultimate module in this course looks at the importance of change in a rights holder’s business – as we introduce data-driven actions and thinking we’re naturally transforming operating procedures. I start by reviewing the importance of change, look at the different types of change, using current high-profile examples to make the case. I then examine two specific change frameworks to help you understand how to apply this in your role.
Module 7 - Data and the Law
I couldn’t produce a comprehensive course without discussing the role data legislation, and specifically the GDPR, has on your data-related activities. This final module introduces you to the law, and then takes you through two additional sections. We focus on securing consent for marketing, and review the new “customer rights” afforded to residents of most of Europe. We also take a global view so learners operating with different legislation benefit from this module.
Quizzes & Assessments
At the end of each section we'll ask you to complete a quick quiz based on the information we share in the preceding video. Then at the end of each module you'll be expected to complete an exercise and send us your work so we can provide you with feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a badge/certificate upon finishing the course? Can I publish it on LinkedIn?

Ans: We will provide you with a Winners certificate once you have completed all seven modules and exercises, and yes, we’d be very happy for you to publish it on LinkedIn. We’ll also join you in your celebrations there.

Is there a maximum time to finish the course?

Ans: You will have access to the course for a year from the date you sign up, but we recommend you aim to complete the course over four to seven weeks.

Can I speak with the tutors when taking the course?

Ans: You will be able to book unlimited 1-2-1 video calls with the course tutors which you can use to ask questions, discuss exercises, or talk about anything else related to the course. You can also use an online chat function to ask questions at any time.

Is this course online only?

Ans: Yes, at present, this is an online-only course, but please note that many of your exercises are completed offline.

What software do I need to complete this course?

Ans: You'll need access to the internet, and the use of Excel and PowerPoint. One of your exercises involves the use of Tableau, world leading data visualisation software, so you'll need to download the free Tableau Reader to open it, and you'll be using SALESmanago, a marketing automation platform, for another exercise - access to this will be through your registration.
Fiona Green - Winners CRM


Author of Winning with Data

Hi, I'm Fiona Green, and I've worked in the sports industry for over 30 years with international, national, and local rights owners. These include different sports across the whole spectrum of scale, including:

  • FIFA, the IOC, UEFA, and the IAAF
  • Multiple European football clubs including Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Juventus
  • My favourite global charity, Special Olympics International
  • UK Athletics, Swim England, British Taekwondo
  • ...and many more.

My first 25 years were spent operating across the key “off-the-field” revenue areas in sports:

  • Selling sponsorships and affinity partnerships including stadium naming rights
  • Creating merchandise and licensing strategies and selling rights to manufacturers and retailers
  • Navigating rights owner clients through the “new media” world of digital rights versus linear broadcasting rights

I now run a successful CRM and business intelligence consultancy and am also the author of the best-selling book “Winning with data – CRM and analytics in the business of sports”.

Across 6 or 7 years I’ve been asked to guest lecture on various sports business, management, or marketing courses – this led me to produce my own online course to fill any gaps missing in your education and personal development.

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