Digital Marketing

Winners can support you across the whole spectrum of targeted, data-driven digital marketing including SMS, mobile app, social media advertising, web retargeting and email. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to target your key customer segments, which could be driven by demographics, by preferences or enriched in other ways. As a communications channel, it leads the way when it comes to delivering return on investment (eConsultancy). Our team of highly skilled and experienced email marketers are comfortable working with, developing and offering training on a full suite of platforms, including market-leading tools such as Mailchimp, Benchmark, SmartFocus and Dotmailer amongst many others.

If, like many sports organisations, you know you need to be doing more with CRM but don’t know where to start, nor have the staff or time to learn, an ideal solution is to outsource the role, ensuring you achieve your CRM objectives but through a third party.

Winners will operate as an extension to your internal team, using our staff, knowledge and tools to provide you with a best practise CRM solution from strategy development and implementation across operational and analytical CRM, and the constantly evolving world of social CRM.

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