CRM & Data Services

It is no longer a discussion – we are in the era of data, insight and analytics. Data is more frequently seen as a rich asset; a valuable commodity for any business or organisation. And it is no coincidence that data is at the core of everything we do, too.

A strong, transparent and well-maintained data-driven foundation is crucial to ensuring that you can deliver powerful, compelling communications, and deepen fan engagement.  We can help you master all of your data assets in order to establish long-lasting relationships with your stakeholders.

A good starting point for any organisation looking at CRM introduction or improvement is an impartial assessment of their CRM capability and readiness. Winners’ capability assessment will focus on digital and social channels the output of which will be an actionable roadmap that outlines specific quick-wins and near-term recommendations.

A Winners CRM Maturity Matrix assessment will help you any understand the successes and opportunities within any or all of the following areas:

• CRM strategy

• Data collection and architecture

• Customer definition and analytics

• Operational readiness and associated systems and processes

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