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Winners increases participation, revenue and fan engagement in the sports industry. We are Customer Intelligence Specialists who provide Strategic Marketing Consultancy and a range of other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Data Services to global, national and regional rights owners, ranging from some of the biggest in the world to some of the smallest.

Winners implement the CRM processes used by the most successful companies in the world, aligned to the size of your organisation and business goals. When sports organisations emulate the data-driven approach to customer engagement used by brands such as Amazon, Netflix, and eBay, the natural loyalty, passion and excitement they create results in increased ticket revenue, higher merchandise sales, greater participation, and partners and sponsors who are prepared to invest more.

Our success stems from our globally renowned experience combined with our ability to operate an agile and lean business from the heart of Manchester. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the data driven world, or already have advanced processes in place, Winners is equipped to provide a tailored approach to suit your specific business needs. Take a look at some of the services we offer...

Governing bodies that rely on public funding, and clubs that suffer fluctuating fortunes, are able to create a sustainable business model driven by an unparalleled level of customer service and access to insights that enable fact-based decision making. By converting fan loyalty into repeat purchases and re-engaging disenfranchised fans, clubs and teams can experience year-on-year financial growth irrespective of success on the fields. Federations retaining players and volunteers already participating will no longer have a reliance on major event hosting to create legacies.

The Winners approach to CRM empowers our clients to:
• Make fact-based decisions
• Engage with stakeholders, not just inform them
• Understand, meet and then exceed fan and customer needs
• Harness hard-worn loyalty in a manner that is compelling yet transparent
• Accurately set KPIs and targets, delivering trackable return on investment
• Constantly deliver sponsor and partner value

All of this enables our clients to communicate the right message, to the right people at the right time by providing them with the knowledge and insights needed to make the right decisions.

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