Finnish Football’s Data-Driven Approach To Growth

Winners helped the Football Association of Finland to adopt a data-driven approach to increasing player numbers and growing commercial revenue, as part of its participation in the UEFA GROW development programme.

To enable the Football Association of Finland (FAF) to use CRM and data to: Assess responsiveness to the communications methods that could potentially be used in the final campaign   Clarify the impact factors that could measure overall success Increase participation in Finnish football – from players to coaches, referees and other volunteers  Grow commercial revenue.     Identify behavioural trends within different target groups

CRM capabilities and progression workshop This proved to be the catalyst of the FAF’s data-driven approach to digital engagement introduction to email marketing A segmented email marketing campaign was created to target former players, with personalised call-to-action’s in an effort to re-engage them and increase the number of current players.   Targeted email campaigns promoting FAF merchandise were also sent to ‘likely-to-buy’ groups in an attempt to increase commercial revenues. data analysis and insights The most relevant data sets that the FAF held on players and customers were analysed to provide a view of their relationship with the FAF.   The overall churn in registered players was identified, and a digital solution was implemented to encourage current players to re-register at the appropriate time.

Our work enabled the FAF to create a range of targeted digital communications programmes that achieved extremely quick results in merchandising sales and a positive impact on grassroots playing numbers.  8% increase in annual player growth Fans who had previously bought merchandise were more likely to purchase again in future, giving the association a strong target group for the campaign’s revenue generation aims. achieved 400% of annual sales target This new data-driven approach laid the foundations for an accelerated investment programme enabling the FAF to gain an even deeper understanding of its players, customers and fans.

The FAF’s experience as a newcomer to data-driven marketing communications offers three key lessons for other sports organisations with similar challenges and goals: Personalised messaging based on customer segmentation gets results   Meaningful segmentation requires the right data, not the most data   Adopting the right processes creates a virtuous circle in which successful outcomes unlock new investment to enable more advanced segmentation that yields better results again.  “By engaging with your stakeholders in the right manner, with personalised content based on what we know about them, you can increase participation, revenue and engagement. This then enables you to secure more investment to continue the process, improving and advancing continuously.”    Kalle Seire, Head of Sales and Marketing,  FA of Finland

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