Callum MacGregor | 27th October 2015

Use sports CRM to bring your sports business “back to the future”!

We’re now officially in the future! Put your Pepsi Perfect and Nike power laces to one side, and let’s talk about our vision of the future: sports CRM!

Before we get started, let’s make sure we’re on the same page: we’ve all heard of horror stories when talking about CRM – businesses are sold a fancy system that promises to solve all their problems but fails as soon as it’s started. (A recent study says that 70% of current CRM systems in Europe are failing!)

But I’m not talking about a fancy CRM system; I’m talking about CRM as a Business Strategy!

Setting the scene: 20 years ago in the world of sport things were much simpler; if you opened your gates fans would flock. But 20 years ago we didn’t have UltraHD Sky Sports packages, or Superfast Broadband giving us streams of ALL the matches, and we didn’t have Smartphones that ping a multitude of offers and discounts into our inboxes that we can respond to in seconds. With so much competition for the attention of your fans, and with attendances struggling even when your team are out-scoring the rest of England, how can a sports business change its future?

It’s time to gun it to 88mph and implement a sports CRM strategy!

At Winners we define sports CRM as a business strategy that enables you to send the right message to the right person at the right time (on the right platform) to help you achieve your business objectives.

Here’s 5 ways we believe sports CRM can improve the business of sport:

Stakeholder Engagement: You have all this customer data from fans who buy your tickets, membership schemes and merchandise, along with all those fans who visit your website and social media channels. But how many of your fans do you actually know? We can take the time to get to know who your customers are so you can send them more relevant information tailored to their specific needs, on a platform they’re more likely to respond on, at a time you know their more likely to engage, using data you already have for them.

Sponsorship Sales: Sponsors are key to any sports business, so what if you could make the sales process more efficient and approach only those companies that are targeting the same audience that you have analysed make up a proportion of your database? You’ll have more relevant sponsors and you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time! Great Scott!!

Data Collection: The majority of sports fans don’t choose their allegiance – they’re born into it, or their family decide for them. But they do decide when they visit their favourite team, or what shirt to buy, or whether to become a season ticket holder. How do you begin this conversation if you’re making it difficult to collect their data in the first place? We can show you quick wins on how to improve your website that will open the top of your funnel to more and more fans, which can considerably grow the number of potential transacting fans!

Eroding Cultural Silos: With so many people in different teams within separate departments all shooting at different goals, how do you drive everyone in the same direction in your sports business? A sports CRM strategy that works across departments allows everyone to understand WHY they should be collecting certain data and HOW it can be used to inform their next step.

Improving Output: We all have limited budgets and resources, so what could be better than a more streamlined and efficient workforce that spends less time and achieves better results?! By using customer data in a more strategic way, you can make it work FOR you and radically improve your sales. Instead of relying on last minute deals, or using gut instinct to make a business decision, we can use your data to understand when fans are buying, how far they’re travelling, how much disposable income they have, what they’re more likely to buy…. And use it to inform your next steps when it comes to communicating with them.

For us, the sports CRM path is a journey, not a destination; as technology improves and your business needs evolve so too will your application of CRM.

Where you’re going, you don’t need roads, you need Winners! Talk to Winners today to hear how else you can use CRM for your sports business.

Use sports CRM to bring your sports business “back to the future”!

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