Fiona Green | 4th September 2015


One of the most fulfilling moments as a consultant is when we do something that makes a client go WOW!

It can be a complex piece of regression analysis – a current project is looking at how much more sports participants will spend on tickets than non-participants? – or a targeted email campaign that generates a 70% open rate.  But one of the simpler services we offer that can generate masses of insight (and debate!) and always gets a “wow!” is when we put your customer data on a map.

If you’re in one of the many sports businesses out there that don’t routinely do this, you’re missing out on an incredibly valuable piece of BI that can be as easy or as complex as the answers you’re looking to find.  It can support you in so many of your activities – identifying  your geographic reach, planning event day traffic flow, supporting your sponsorship strategy, targeting your marketing activity, etc.

Ask yourself this question – would your senior management take the time to look through a database with rows of address fields, or would they rather you put a map in front of them?

A Free Map for You!

We’d like to offer a free sample of our work to any sports rights holder out there who hasn’t yet seen their data on a map, or would like to see more of Winners’ approach to this area.

Whether your database covers multiple countries or is just national, as long as it has full postal codes, we’ll produce a simple map for you to demonstrate the value in this way of looking at your data. And if you want to add in target locations (stadiums, sponsor locations, etc.) we’ll also look at the proximity of each customer.

CRM Mapping Data
Figure 1

Figure 1 is an excerpt from a simplified map that shows the proximity of ticket buying customers to one target destination – in this client’s case, it’s their national stadium.

When we showed this to our client, it highlighted so many things they weren’t aware of – how far some of their fans travel, clusters of interest in areas they’d never focussed on – but it’s the actionable insight that came out of this that was of value:

— which sponsors would find this information of use

— which affinity partnerships could generate income

— what call-to-actions to include in their pre-event email campaigns

— where to target their advertising

— how their event safety teams co-ordinate traffic in and traffic out

Sponsors CRM Data Map
Figure 2

Figure 2 is from a simplified map that shows the location of this team’s sponsor’s car rental offices and looks at the distance their national fan database is in proximity to each location.

In this case you can see that nearly 47% of their customers live within 5 km of at least one of their sponsor’s locations, with just 7% over 20km away.

This isn’t just compelling in a sales pitch to a potential sponsor, it also provides great leverage opportunities because each customer record can be “tagged” with their proximity and a marketing campaign targeted to them with a tailored message.

Consider the value to your sponsors of such a highly targeted advertising opportunity through something as simple as an email campaign!

Please contact us or call on +44(0) 161 279 1278 to take us up on this free offer.  All we need from you is postal addresses – including postcodes – and we can turn this around for you in no time at all.

P.S.  If you’re as interested as we are about the role of CRM and data in sponsorship, you might enjoy our short video.


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