Callum MacGregor | 20th September 2016

Automated campaigns you ought to be using!

One day robots are going to rule the world!! Okay, probably not (hopefully not?) but technology these days is getting more and more advanced, with IBM’s Watson and Google’s DeepMind making real leaps towards true artificial intelligence – next thing you know there’s going to be a robot uprising! But let’s take a step back from robots and AI, and look at some simple automated campaigns that can make data driven marketers more effective in less time.

Simple automation, when done correctly, can have a really powerful impact on engagement, productivity and sentiment. It will make your audience feel good, and it will make your life easier. Win-win!

So what do I mean by “simple automation”? I mean emails that send to people automatically when they meet certain criteria, based on basic triggers and conditions. Things like:

1. Birthday emails,

2. Welcome emails, and

3. Basic workflow emails

All of the above triggered campaigns are simple to setup, use common data types, and we at WINNERS want to see more of them in use!

Here’s our take on effective use of email automation: 

1) Welcome emails 👋

First impressions set the tone for how people perceive your communications; so you need to make it a good’un!

Welcome emails can be setup to deploy automatically once an email address enters your list for the first time, and should contain relevant information that will make your fans want to continue to engage with your communications. Things like:

• The benefits of your newsletters! Describe to your fans what they can expect to receive to generate excitement!

• Exclusive content! Use images fans have never seen before, or maybe even a welcome video they can’t find anywhere else!

• A survey to find out their interests. Use the answers they give you to tailor your messages accordingly, driving up your engagement!

They’ve never heard from you before, so wow them with what you have to offer! 

2) Birthday emails 🎉🎈🎁

Everybody loves a freebie, whether it’s a Subway cookie, or an exclusive offer; people love rewards! Birthday emails are a simple way to engage with your fan base, even if it’s just a message to wish them well on their special day, and all you need is a date of birth!

Setup your automated birthday emails so they send each morning to any fan whose birthday falls that day. Try personalising the subject line as well to increase open rates!

The great thing about this is you only have to set up the campaign once, then you let it roll for a year, then you replace the message in the email and let it run again! Find an offering your fans will want and use it to surprise and delight!

Don’t have a lot of DOB data? Use the incentive of a freebie to ask your fans to provide their data. And, if a fan receives a birthday email in error, just say “Whoops, our heart was in the right place. Click here to update your details and we’ll get it right next time!” ➡

More data ✅

Rewarding your fans ✅

AND you only had to do it once! ✅ Easy!

3) Automated workflows 📩📬📭

In our world of data driven marketing, we know how challenging building and sending email campaigns can be. But what if all the hard work was done for you?

Enter automated workflows!

Automated workflows take the hard work out of the equation by sending campaigns based on how a person interacts with your initial email.

“I want to sell more tickets”. Well, duh! Who doesn’t? Here’s an automated ticketing workflow in action:

This workflow has 3 stages, beginning with a manual campaign send followed by 2 attempts to convert fans into buying tickets. Whilst each stage needs pre-building, using an automated workflow will save you a lot of time because once it is live the technology does all the hard work for you.

These 3 types of automation are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automated campaigns, but many in the sports industry aren’t yet using them.

Contact Winners today so we can help you become best mates with automation!

Automated campaigns you ought to be using!

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