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What we do

WINNERS believes in the “perfect circle” approach - for the principles of CRM, our attitude to data, and our customer objectives – and provides a range of services that will help you introduce, manage or progress the way you apply CRM in your organisation.

CRM Outsourcing

If, like many sports organisations, you know you need to be doing more with CRM but don’t know where to start, nor have the staff or time to learn, an ideal solution is to outsource the role, ensuring you achieve your CRM objectives but through a third party.

WINNERS will operate as an extension to your internal team, using our staff, knowledge and tools to provide you with a best practise CRM solution from strategy development and implementation across operational and analytical CRM, and the constantly evolving world of social CRM.

CRM Consultancy

Outsourcing may not be for you, but regardless of where you are with your CRM capability maturity, you may need advice to take you to the next level.

WINNERS is an independent agency: we have no ties to any software companies or applications nor do we sell or have any interests, commercial or otherwise, in any specific vendor or solution. This ensures you receive unbiased suggestions, advice and recommendations based on your specific needs.

Project Work

Implementing CRM within your organisation will comprise of many workflows that have a series of connected steps. WINNERS can provide support at any stage of the process with specific project areas:

  • Strategy, roadmaps and ROI analysis
  • Data acquisition, quality, enhancements, integration, visualisation and analytics
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Communication and campaign management (direct mail, SMS and email)
  • Predictive analysis encompassing customer life cycle and lifetime value analysis

CRM Capability Assessments & Workshops

A good starting point for any organisation looking at CRM introduction or improvement is an assessment that will evaluate CRM capability and readiness. WINNERS’ capability assessment will focus on digital and social channels the output of which will be an actionable roadmap that outlines specific quick-wins and near-term recommendations.

A WINNERS CRM workshop will help you any address any or all of the following areas: CRM strategy, customer definition, operational, analytical and social CRM, systems and processes.

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